What are generic drugs?

Facts on generic drugs(GD) from FairPriceRx:

•They are cheaper. You might wonder why generic drugs are always cheaper than the branded drugs(BD). Branded drugs take a lot of years of research, clinical trials, and have a longer process to get approvals such that by the time they are arriving in medical stores a lot of costs have been incurred. Not that the generics do not go through approvals for effectiveness and safety, but the active ingredients have been tested and approved.

•Generics are regulated like brand name. There are pharmaceutical regulatory bodies that are in place to ensure that any medicine that is released to the market meet all the required standards.

•GD look different from BD. There are policies that require generics to look different from the branded drugs in color and shape for verification. However, the content and active ingredients are the same.

•Are there mistakes in generic production? Pharmaceutical regulatory bodies like FDA monitor the production, package and even supply of GD. They have to approve any madication that is taken to the public hence there is no room for mistakes in the medication production.

•Drugs available for generic. Even though GDgs are anticipated to function the same as brand name, it is important to consult a physician before changing to a different manufacturer. Once you have a go ahead then a pharmacist can advise if the drug has a generic version of the medication.

GD are effective just as the BD, there is no evidence that they are dangerous and they are much cheaper than the branded drugs.